Preview: Benvenuto Vermentino Twitter Chat Coming Up on May 5th at 11:00 EST


As the weather warms up and we go from winter to summer on the East Coast, Vermentino seems ever more a perfect topic to discuss this weekend for the monthly #ItalianFWT twitter chat. I’m really looking forward to our discussion about this exciting grape that grows throughout the Italian regions – Liguria, Tuscany and Sardinia – as well as in France, Australia and even in the U.S.

Ligurian Hill Towns

I’ve been a fan of the grape since 1998 when I first tried a glass in Liguria at a restaurant. It was from the Colli di Luni and specifically from the Cantina Lunae. I believe it was their black label Vermentino and we paired it with a local fish dish, likely a branzino. It’s been 20 years so of course I remember the wine and the friends but the food not as clearly.

Narrow Streets in Liguria

I choose Vermentino for this month’s chat because I think it is a grape that should be on every wine list and in every store. It’s easy to pronounce, pairs well with all sorts of foods and can be made into a variety of wine styles. It seems like a non-brainer as a by the glass pour in a restaurant to me.


Drinking Vermentino reminds me of summer, sailing and the sea. I love its minerality and the salinity I find in it as well as that bitter almond note I get often on the finish that I associate with Italian whites. It’s not as pronounced as in a Vernaccia di San Gimignano but it’s there.

I’m excited to read what my fellow #ItalianFWT colleagues and friends will be sharing on their blogs. We post on Saturday morning and then answer a series of questions and comment using the hashtag, #ItalianFWT at 11:00 am. Join in the fun. We welcome all who want to participate. See you then for a taste of summer.

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and here at Avvinare, I’m all about “Vermentino in its Varied Styles from Liguria to Sardegna”


  1. Agree- Vermentino is a wine to know! Summer, sailing and the sea- what’s not to like if Vermentino takes you there?!?

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