Monday Musings: Can Cava Compete With More Popular Sparkling Wines?

Today's topic is Cava. As we move into the holiday season and everyone begins to discuss sparkling wines, I am musing about Cava and whether or not it gets the billing it should. I love sparkling wines, everyday of the week and at every meal. So do a lot of other people but how many... Continue Reading →


Le Beaujolais Nouveau est Arrivé

Today is Beaujolais Nouveau Day, the third Thursday in November. Today's wine was the first Beaujolais I had this year. According to French law, this wine made from Gamay grapes can be released at 12:01 a.m., quite soon after the harvest. Many are quite critical of Beaujolais Nouveau and it's fresh, fruity style. I am... Continue Reading →

Happy Champagne Day!

Happy Champagne Day was first started eight years ago to appreciate this sparkling wine that comes from the Champagne region in France. The Champagne bureau is very active in their promotions yet I need no convincing. I love sparkling wines and I love to celebrating life with Champagne. I love this particular one quite a... Continue Reading →

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