Avvinare is a blog by Susannah Gold, a wine writer, publicist and certified Italian sommelier.  This blog started as a way to stay connected to all things Italian, after having left il bel paese.

Avvinare is an Italian word which means to rinse your glass and prepare it to receive wine. This blog will hopefully allow you to swirl something new into your cup of knowledge, quench your thirst for a few more things Italian and learn something about the wonderful women in the wine business, both Italian and others.  Comments on wines that are not Italian, wine bars and stores, restaurants and my adventures in winemaking and tango may be added. Once in a while, I get off track…

Look for posts on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

33 responses to “About

  1. Hi Susannah,

    what a great blog you have created. Welcome to the club.
    I got married in Italy and ever since my wife Margit and I, we are aficionados of this great country. I love your stories. Keep on blogging.

  2. Giuliana

    Ciao Susannah,

    I was with you in Liguria, during the pleasant sailing boat week-end. In addition to what you wrote about the Vermentino, might I suggest to test the rare red version, less known than the white one but much more appreciated.
    I “worship” your blog 🙂



  3. Are you familiar with The 89 Project? (http://89project.blogspot.com) Can I persuade you to join it? If you are interested, please send me a real email so I can send you an invitation. I can be reached at dhonig at indy.rr.com.


    Hello Susannah,

    Just wanted to say I had a great time at the Gianni Brunelli wine tasting last night at Napa. Please tell Laura that is was a great pleasure to meet her and that I would love to visit her winery one day.


  5. Susannah

    I am glad you enjoyed the tasting and Laura’s fabulous wines. I will certainly let her know how much you enjoyed the dinner. Take care and happy winemaking, Susannah

  6. I went to the parade!

  7. Hi, I would like you to take a look at my blog. I started it about 2 months ago. It is full of happenings around the Naple Italy area. Please let me know what you think.

  8. Alan

    Great Blog! I have been trying to locate a Pinot from the Northern Region of Italy–Mason Manincor. I enjoyed a bottle at my favorite resturant in the Design District of Miami–Fratelli Lyon, but cannot find it in any fine wine shop in Miami. Do you know anything about this wine and the winery?

  9. Hi. Love your blog and I would love to trade links.
    thanks, shayne

  10. Prego!
    I love checkin your wine blog. Cheers!

  11. we just found your posts on the abruzzo wines after the earthquake,very well written with so much feeling for the area, thank you..

  12. Hi Susannah, have never talked about a Liguria region ? We have very original whites from Vermentino and Pigato grapes plus a very rare red wine called Rossese

    • Susannah

      I love wines from Liguria. I have written about them actually, Colli Lunae specifically but you are right I should write more. Thanks for the comment. Susannah

  13. Hello Susannah,
    You’ve a fantastic blog.
    I currently live in China and am missing those great Italian (and California!) wines–your words are wonderful to read.

    Do you know of any good Chinese reds, or Pinot noir, that you’d recommend?


    • Susannah

      Thanks so much for writing. I will look into good pinots and red available in China. Most of it will be French. The French got an early start in China compared to the Italians or anyone else for that matter. Your blog is fantastic. I’m going to follow your travels, how exciting. China or better Hong Kong is actually the hippiest place to be in the wine scene.
      Stay well, Susannah

      • Josephine Johnons

        Susannah, thanks. I’m hoping to get to Hong Kong this spring actually. Thanks for the suggestion. ~Jos

  14. Jonah Bruck

    I was recently in Italy & had a great bottle of wine.
    it was Cantina Terracina Merlot. Now I’m back in the US & cannot find it any where. If you know where I can order/buy it from it would greatly appreciated.

  15. Susannah:
    Grazie mille for follow – love your site! Any words of wisdom on becoming a sommelier? Please feel free to email:lmarcher@me.com.

  16. frafromitaly

    Hi Susanna, first of all my compliments for this blog is very nice and you write very well!!! I can feel the passion of a wine lover who loves Italia the most exciting country for people are always looking for something….
    I work in UK but i’ll be in Vinitaly for business but please give me advise of something that I really have to taste and I will find the time, e sarebbe una perfetta scusa per incontrarci e parlare di vino!!!
    Cin cin!

  17. Susanna: Love your blog! Ever consider guest blogging? My blog (binNotes.com)focuses onFrench Wine; would love avvinare.com guest blog sometime on Italian wines. Cheers, Lyn

  18. Hi Susannah,
    I discover your blog. I am impressed with your in-depth knowledge of Italian wines. A great read.
    I have a small wine retail business in Grenoble, France, with a focus on wines from the Alps, from Italy to Slovenia. I love I Clivi, Selvadolce, and Foradori. And also the wines from Tenute Sella !

    Keep wining,

  19. Hi Susannah,

    Great Blog! I’ve just discovered it and it’ a great reading. Do you know Valle d’Aosta, and Maison Anselmet have a look at the web site I’m sure you’ll love the wines. Salute! MA

  20. Hi Susannah,

    I love your blog! I know it’s mostly about Italian wines, but if you’re interested in branching out, I thought I would let you know about my environmental wine company, Proud Pour. The short story – we address urgent environmental issues with wine. Our first product, “OYSTER”, a Central Coast CA Sauvignon Blanc, restores 100 oysters to NY per bottle, through a partnership with the Billion Oyster Project (http://www.billionoysterproject.org/). The long story – You can find here: http://proudpour.com/



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  23. Hi Susannah,
    I saw your website https://avvinare.com and we love it. I can really see the love that you have for wine.

    My name is Fahed Khoury, I’m the CEO of Winetage™, a wine openers shop and wine lovers community.

    I saw that you have a wonderful wine blog in your website and wanted to offer you guest post with 500 words on any topic that will be interesting for your audience.

    Please get back to me to this mail if you are interested.


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