Monday Musings: Dry January

I love the concept of "dry January" when people and many beverage professionals swear off the drink for a month and cleanse themselves. I know I am one of the people who could use a dry January. I know this because I just came back from a trip in which we tasted loads of wine... Continue Reading →

Memorable Events: Once Upon A Kitchen

In December, I had the good fortune to translate for Roberto Cipresso at an amazing event called Once Upon A Kitchen , created by an experiential marketing company called GR8. This was my second event with them, the first was in 2018 at Ellis Island. This one was held at Gotham Hall. The world's three best... Continue Reading →

Lugana Webinar Tomorrow for #WineWednesday

I'm hosting a webinar on Lugana tomorrow for the Society of Wine Educators. Here is some information if you want to join in. Hope to see you there. #WineWednesdayWebinar: Lugana: The Liquid Gold of Lake Garda Tomorrow evening—January 30th at 7:00 pm central time—we are pleased to offer a new webinar, entitled “Lugana: The Liquid... Continue Reading →

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day

Once again, today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. I just read this story from a survivor. The level of inhumanity is breathtaking and makes me weep to this day.

I just got back from a trip to Brazil about 2 hours ago and have been thinking about diversity, overcoming the past and the peaceful co-existence of different peoples. More to come on that topic and on wines that I tasted this week but for today, thinking of all who lost their lives in that dark moment in history and all that might have been for the people  who perished. Millions of lives lost and who knows what medical cures, literary works, magical music and everything else that they might have done had they been given a chance to live their lives. I find it all staggering to this day.


Candles 911

Today marks the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. World leaders commemorated this day in various places, including at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. Six million Jews, including many members of my family were among those murdered. Slavs, Roma, people who were Gay, those with disabilities, religious leaders and many others who tried to shelter Jews died as well. My Dad always remarks about the one million Jewish children who were murdered and what they might have become someday. Perhaps one of them would have found the cure for Cancer or been a new Beethoven, we will never know. Now that I’m a Mom, I can’t stand thinking about the parents who had their children ripped from their arms and murdered. I also can’t believe that goes on today in Myanmar with the Rohingya.  Human cruelty seems to have no end. I hope we have learned something…

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Wine Wednesday: Vidal Blanc

This summer I discovered a new grape variety that I really like called Vidal blanc. I tried a lot of examples of wines made with tbis grape in both the Finger Lakes during the Society of Wine Educators annual conference and at the American Wine Society conference in Buffalo. Vidal makes a variety of wines... Continue Reading →

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