Wine of the Week: Valcalepio Bianco DOC from Cantina Bergamasca

This week's wine of the week is the Valcalepio Bianco from Cantina Bergamasca from Bergamo. I visited the winery this summer as they were part of the wines I served during a presentation on Lombardy for the Society of Wine Educators. Bergamo is a wonderful jewel of a city, with a Citta Alta and a... Continue Reading →


Italian Indigenous Varieties: Marzemino Nero

Originally Marzemino hailed from the Veneto but spread quickly to other regions such as Lombardy, Trentino, Emilia and Friuli. The grape is featured in Mozart's Opera "Don Giovanni in this phrase which Giovanni utters to Leporello, "Versa il vino! Eccellente Marzimino!" It is often blended with Barbera, Groppello, Merlot or Sangiovese. In Trentino, it has... Continue Reading →

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