Italian Indigenous Varieties: Durella from the Veneto

This is a grape variety I will be speaking about tomorrow am on Instagram at @vignetocomms. I was speaking about it the last time I was on live but then did a Women in Wine Chat with my friend Tina Williford who owns a distillery in North Carolina.



This week’s Italian indigenous variety hails from the Veneto and is called Durella. The grape variety ends in an “a” while the wine in an “o.” I was introduced to this grape variety by Antonio Fattori. He makes a wine which I adore called I Singhe Lessini Durello D.O.C. from 100% Durella. It is a sparkling wine and Durella is perfect for these types of wines. This wine is made in stainless steel without the use of any sulfur dioxide which I find interesting. Every year during Vinitaly, Antonio hosts a party for his importers and Italian agents. I used to work with these wines so I have been able to go to the parties for the past three years at Vinitaly. I always end up spending most of my evening drinking this sparkler which I find appealing throughout a meal. Durella makes wines with a refined bouquet…

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Delightful Sweet Wines from Bordeaux

Sweet Wines These wonderful wines showed up at my home some weeks ago and it seemed a gift from heaven during these hard times. I love wines made from these three grapes - Semillion, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadelle, in all of their forms in Bordeaux and these four are such exceptional examples. Sweet Bordeaux is often... Continue Reading →

Wine Wednesday: Venissa made from the Dorona Grape

I spoke about Dorona and Venissa today on my IG Live series on Italian Indigenous Grapes and decided to repost this article from last November. The winery seems to have recovered just fine. I wonder what it has been like to be in Venice with the pandemic. I can imagine staying there in isolation for a long time. An enchanting location that really stole my heart.


This week’s Wine Wednesday is dedicated to Venissa, Venice’s vineyard which I visited this summer and which has had dramatic flooding these past weeks with the high water levels in the lagoon of Venice. I spent about 10 days in Venice this summer. Part of it on the Dorsoduro and part in Murano. I have been to Venice many times in my life but had never stayed as long as this summer. It was a wonderful and magical experience that gave me a different feeling about the city. I also showed it to my son for the first time. He asks to go back all the time. I highly recommend it as a destination with a young child. I pulled the below photo from their instagram feed.

Getting back to Wine Wednesday, I first heard about Venissa from Roberto Cipresso, a well-known winemaker and a friend, who worked on the…

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Election Sips 3: Amaro Montenegro

Amaro Montenegro Tonight’s election sip is Amaro Montenegro from Italy paired with a Kit Kat. I know it’s not a perfect match but it’s helping me to wait out the results of our all consuming election race. This widely available Amaro is from Bologna and was first made in 1885 by an herbalist named Stanislao... Continue Reading →

Election Sips II: I Due Gatti

As I watch election results, I am drinking a wine I made in 2016. It was a Zinfandel that I made from grapes I bought from Lodi, California. Through the past 14 years, I have made wine most years, in September by buying grapes from a local purveyor. I ferment the wines, rack them and... Continue Reading →

What will you be drinking after the election? Bubbly or Scotch for me

I just found this post from 2008, I wrote this right before the election of Barak Obama. I had just started my blog that year, was sort of newly back from Italy, wasn’t a Mom yet and hadn’t lived through four years of Donald Trump. This year, I am going immediately for a Scotch. As much as I love bubbly, I will have that when I know that the results are definitive. Scotch I will be drinking on November 3. What about you?


Should there be a victory that makes me extremely happy tomorrow, I will be drinking Giulio Ferrari, Riserva del Fondatore from Ferrari, the well known Italian sparkling wine producer from Trento. It is a blanc de blanc made from only chardonnay grapes from a single vineyard called Maso Pianizza.The wine rests on its lees for 10 years before it is released. It is extraordinary and would be a great way to begin a new phase of the country’s life and my own….Some years ago I interviewed Camilla Lunelli from the family that runs Ferrari. I need to search for my notes. However, since I am extremely superstitious and scaramantica, I have not yet bought it. Alternatively, I may have to buy a large bottle of 12 year old Bowmore peaty scotch to drown my sorrows if there is a victory that makes me very sad.

If that happens, I will…

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