Looking Beyond the Name Super-Tuscans

This month's #ItalianFWT is focusing on Super-Tuscans thanks to Jill Barth of L'Occasion. Here is the preview post where she explains what brought her to want to write about this topic. I'm glad that she decided to shine a light on these wines again because it's something I have been thinking about too. For starters,... Continue Reading →

Exploring Sangiovese di Romagna

Sangiovese is as we know the premier red grape variety of Central Italy. While Tuscany is the region most associated with it, Emilia Romagna is not far behind.  I love Emilia Romagna and spent a great year of my life in graduate school there at SAIS in Bologna. Romagna Sangiovese comes from seven towns around... Continue Reading →

Explore Campania, May 2nd #ItalianFWT

This weekend the #ItalianFWT blogging group is traveling to Campania. It's going to be a lovely virtual trip. Campania, as I wrote in my invitation post here, is an incredible wine region with a wealth of native grapes to choose from, both whites and reds. There is so much to learn and explore about the... Continue Reading →

Brachetto d’Acqui-A Treat from Piedmont

For today's #ItalianFWT online conversation, we are dishing about Brachetto d’Acqui , a D.O.C.G from Piedmont which finds its maximum espression around the town of Acqui Terme. The Grape and the Wine The grape is called Brachetto and is used to make the wine called Brachetto d’Acqui. The grape is native to Piedmont, in particular... Continue Reading →

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