Looking Forward to A Crodino

I am so looking forward to having a Crodino next week while in Italy. Crodino is a trademark brand owned by the Campari Group since the mid-1990s but it is often used as a generic term for an “analcolico” or a drink without alcohol. Crodino is named for the town of Crodo in Piedmont where... Continue Reading →

Women In Wine Fridays: Elena Walch


Women in Wine Fridays is a series that began almost 15 years ago. Elena Walch was one of the very first women I interviewed. I’ve seen her throughout the years and watched her daughters blossom into their roles in the company.


Elena Walch is a very interesting wine maker. Born into a German-speaking family, Elena was raised in Milan but went to German schools. Trained as an architect, she eventually left her first career and embarked on her second when she married into the Walch family. Elena noted, in an interview in November, that she was not easily accepted into the wine community. She explained that the main issue was not that she was a woman but that she was not from the Alto Adige region.

The Alto Adige is a region in the North-East of Italy, quite close to the Austrian and Swiss border. The region used to be part of Austria and many of its inhabitants still wish and feel that it is primarily part of Europe and not so much part of Italy. There are three main cities in the area and numerous beautiful towns and villages: Bolzano…

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College Reunions: Drinks of the Past

I recently attended my college reunion. It had been five years since I had been on that particular campus and before that, many years since college. I hadn't remembered so much stuff about the place and so many people but when I was there, much of it flooded back. College is a unique time in... Continue Reading →

Monday Musings: Drinking Average Wine

Monday musings today are about what to drink on different occasions and why wine professionals must be well-versed in mass market wines. This past weekend at my college reunion I was confronted with the usual challenge - drink average wine or switch to something else, in this instance average beer. While it usually is a... Continue Reading →

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