Monday Musings: Dedication of Bloggers To Their Craft

Today’s post is dedicated to all the bloggers out there who don’t make money from their blogs or make just a bit but are fully committed to their site and their voice. I was going through the blogs of many people I know in the industry today looking for copy about a specific topic. I found all the information I was looking for but I also found an incredibly varied, engaged and dedicated community of people who put countless hours into their sites and receive little glory for it but apparently a lot of personal satisfaction. I found recipe creators and fiction writers, ex-police officiers, travelers, chefs, winos and sommeliers. Some of these terms may be repetitive :).

I was amazed at the amount of material and time people put into their craft and the stories that people told about how and why they got into the business or created a blog. One woman wrote accounts of her mother’s illness as well as book reviews, another is cooking her way online with a group of friends through a specific cook book by Mark Bittman, another chronicles her journeys around her area with her husband of long standing. I found many couple bloggers as well. I found heads of non-for-profits, professional marketers in other fields and just about everything else in between. It was quite eye-opening to discover each person’s story and to reflect upon the energy and commitment they make to their blog. This year I committed to posting everyday on Avvinare. I’m doing pretty well despite emergency hospitalization for an infection at the beginning of this month. I have felt pretty dedicated all year to this endeavor and therefore appreciate even more how hard others work. Cheers to all of you!

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  1. Excellent post! It makes all we do worthwhile to know that others are as selfless as we are. Keep up the great posts. I’ve accumulated my favorite topics from your posts; Campania is at the top of my list after reading your insightful pieces on the region, people and wines. Hope you’ve fully recovered from your health scare.

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