Wine Wednesday: Brazil’s Miolo

Today's post is dedicated to a winery I visited last year in Brazil, Miolo. It was also the first winery I had ever heard about or tried a wine from in Brazil, starting back in 2013.  It always stayed in my mind because of the Italian heritage of the family. The founder Giuseppe Miolo, immigrated... Continue Reading →

Atonement and Israeli Wine

Today, as some people know, is the holiest day of the Jewish Year, Yom Kippur, a day of atonement. I generally do not go to synagogue. I do mark the Jewish holidays in my own way though, by drinking and writing about Israeli wines. This year I have found a few that I truly enjoy,... Continue Reading →

Climate Change Top Of Mind

These past four or five days I can literally think of nothing else but climate change. That makes sense since it is Climate Week in New York. I've followed some of their webinars and the tone while fascinating is also terrifying about where we are now. Every story on the news, every wine discussion I... Continue Reading →

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