Women in Wine Fridays: Val di Cornia & The Etruscan Coast

I am thinking a lot about Tuscany these days so I thought I would repost this article. This was the first Vermentino from Tuscany that I tasted as well. Tomorrow we are having a chat about Vermentino on Twitter at 11:00am ET as I mentioned in these two posts on this versatile grape variety.

When I first moved to Italy in 1991, I lived in Florence and like many local residents, went on holiday in Tuscany. I often went to a little town called San Vincenzo which is near the Golfo di Baratti. Little did I know at the time, that the area is actually called the Val di Cornia or the Cornia Valley. It has unbelievably beautiful beaches and a gorgeous stand of parasol pines in the Parco di Rimigliano. It also has world renowned wines, including Tua Rita. An industry expert said that he feels that Val di Cornia is Pomerol and Tua Rita is Petrus. I thought that was an interesting analogy. I have not had the pleasure of drinking many wines from Tua Rita but have been lucky enough to drink the wines made by their next door neighbor, Gualdo del Re . I will be pouring these wines at…

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