Monday Musings: Wine Samples In Small Bottles

Today’s Monday Musing is about Wine Education, a topic that is dear to my heart. With every single conference that I annually attend canceled and all the wine seminars that I have attended in the past in person now moved online, I am reflecting if we will ever go back to be tastings such as the one that this room is set for in the picture above. I don’t have the answer but I do think it’s unlikely we will do it anytime soon. What does that mean for wine schools and educators? It means a lot of online classes and changes in the way we prepare as well as changes to how students and professors get their wines.

This leads me to another  topic of interest which is how can we get small samples to students of wines they need to taste. Does every student need to have a major budget to buy samples now where it used to be included in the price of online education?

I do not have the answer nor the single sample bottle but if someone does, please tell me about it and let me know what you are doing with them. This could be a good business for someone.


  1. That is a great point! I have heard of some wineries in Australia doing smaller size servings for virtual tastings. It’s all about the bottling and labels from a legal standpoint. Wasn’t CostCo carrying smaller size bottles with a range of wines from a region this past holiday? I wonder what the model is. This would be such a wonderful way for WSET students ETC to be able to affordably taste through wines while we are in a shelter situation and groups cannot meet for tastings.

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