Three Noble Red Grapes that Help to Navigate the Italian Peninsula – #ItalianFWT

Happy New Year. This will be my first post of 2020 and it is fitting that it should be part of the #ItalianFWT blogging circle which this month is dedicated to introducing Italian Wine to a curious friend. Nothing could be more up my alley since I've spent 23 years studying Italian wine formally, 12 working... Continue Reading →

Wine Wednesday: Wine Tariffs – What Can We Do To Help?

As many in the industry and in the wider consumer market know, big changes are underway in our industry. I got this yesterday from Alice Feiring's Newsletter and decided to repost it here. She makes the following case which I agree with 100%: There’s a serious situation brewing in the wine industry that you might... Continue Reading →

Flooding All Over Italy

So much is happening in Italy right now in terms of flooding that I have decided to feature some of the areas that are most hit. Later today I will write a piece about my recent visit to Venissa - a winery in the Venetian Lagoon on an island called Mazzorbo. The winery is in... Continue Reading →

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