Wine of the Week: Marzemino from Cantina San Michele in Capriano del Colle



This week’s wine of the week is Cantina San Michele. They are from Capriano del Colle, a region near the Lombard city of Brescia. I met them a couple of years ago and found them and the wines very engaging. I also love their graphic identity.  The winery was founded in 1980. They are  near Monte Netto, which they call an island, that emerges from the plains south of Brescia. The winery is part of the Consorzio Montenetto. The winery is managed by a young team, Mario and Elena, both around 30 years old, who are cousins. They have 16 ha of vineyards and are converting to organics. The vineyards have chalk-clay soils and they are focused on indigenous grapes Marzemino and Trebbiano di Lugana. The average age of their vines is 15-20 years old, except for one vine which is 60 years old, and which they named Cirillo after the person who tended it. They make field blends.

San Michele produces four wines: Capriano del Colle DOC Bianco, Rosso, Marzemino 100%,. IGTs., M. – passito of Marzeminio not in DOC. M stands for Monte Netto, Marzemino, Mario, (San) Michele. Mario said they are proud of their Lombard roots – responsibility, hard working and industrious (senso del dovere, attaccamento al proprio lavoro).

The Marzemino pictured above was delicious with dark berry fruits and loads of spice. I had it open for a few days and it kept getting better and better. A real keeper albeit hard to find in the United States.

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