Lugana – Liquid Gold from Lake Garda

I’m a real Lugana fan as those who know me are aware. I’m also their East Coast Ambassador. Lugana was lucky enough to share their wines with wine educators from across the States this summer at the Society of Wine Educators annual conference. Here’s a blog post I wrote for their blog Wine Wit and Wisdom, that was posted today. Lugana will be at the Wine Bloggers Conference next week in Walla Walla, in  Chicago  and Washington, DC together with Valpolicella wines after that and in New York on October 19. We are also featuring Lugana on our monthly blogger chat for #ItalianFWT this month.  I hope you will have a chance to come and taste some of it with me. We will also be at the American Wine Society conference in Buffalo in November.  Don’t miss out on these amazing wines!

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