Monday Musings: Trade Shows – Worth if or Not for Producers, 5 Topics To Consider When Deciding To Attend

Today’s post is about whether or not trade shows are useful. Of course it is a subjective topic and one that can change on a dime. One contact – a new retailer if larger, a new importer or a famous journalist tasting your wine can change everything and pay for the cost of the whole trade show.

Generally though a few guidelines can make the decision about whether or not a trade show is worthwhile.

a) Does the producer have an importer in the city where the trade show is held? If so, does that importer invite their clients to the tasting.

b) Does the producer consider the market where the trade show is held a priority?

c) Is the tradeshow part of a tour or other activities, professional or personal that are useful to the producer?

d) How expensive is the show?

e) Is it very attended of course is an issue but that goes without saying. Sometimes even shows that are well attended don’t end up being a good sales opportunity for the producer?

Once a producer has considered all of these items, they need to prepare the show and reach out to all of their own contacts to attend.  This is a very important part of the success of a show as well.



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