Wines of the Week: Rocca dei Mori Line (Apollonio) From Puglia For End of Summer

Summer has ended. I know I am feeling it and I am sure you are as well. I just returned from a lovely trip to Cape Cod. While there, I drank lots of fun summer wines including some wine from Puglia from Apollonio.

The wines that I chose for this week are from the Rocca dei Mori line, the Only Bianco and the Only Rosso. The former is made with 100% Garganega and the latter with 100% Negroamaro. Both were easy to drink fresh and fruity wines that made me happy on a summer day.

I’ve met the brothers who run this winery many times and have visited them at their winery in Puglia as well, in 2010. They are located in an exquisite part of Puglia, the Salento.

I love Puglia, the people, the food, the wines. I spent a week in the Salento in 2002 and it was truly memorable. I felt as if I was swimming in an emerald. I have never seen such green water in my life despite sailing in many parts of the Mediterranean, including Greece and Turkey.

My last trip in 2010 was more wine focused, visiting among other wines, Apollonio. I find that many of the best wines from Puglia don’t make it to the USA and those that do, at times have too much oak. Some of the Apollonio wines from their other line are heavily oaked but the wines from Rocca dei Mori, less so.

It’s all about your personal palate at the end of the day and mine tends to try to stay away from oaky wines, especially if I am having light fare or I am at the beach. As you can see from these pictures with my nephew and my niece, these wines did bring a happy glow to my face. Despite their smiles, I swear I did not give them any wine…

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