Summer Sipping: Truro Chardonnay

I have been spending my summers on Cape Cod, specifically in Truro, since I was three weeks old. There were many years when I was absent from the Cape because of my years living in Italy but since I have been back, I have made the Cape a consistent part of my life. I love everything about Cape Cod and it will forever represent the beach to me.

When I was a child, we used to drink Pouilly-Fuisse I remember, when my parents graduated from Mateus and Lancers. The idea of a vineyard on the Cape seemed impossible. When I used to come to the Cape there were no vinifera grapes growing. The Roberts family changed that and opened Truro Vineyards in 2007.

They make a wide range of wines and source some grapes from California and New York, making it a quintessentially American winery, if you will. I visited the winery a few years ago and have had their wines at least once a summer since. Yesterday was one of those days. A perfect beach day with a gorgeous sunset.

My favorite foods, lobster and corn, and some summery chardonnay.

We have some unwanted visitors on the Cape this year as everyone keeps reminding me…

While these new visitors have curtailed distance ocean swimming, there’s still great fun to be had on the Cape in the ocean and we now have many seals to watch as well and nothing beats a sunset at Race Point.


  1. Truro is a fantastic place. The Massachusetts mists blanketing the coast during the early morning hours. Sounds of golf balls bounding into the white ether. The sun rising and then claiming its place. Tall seaside grass bending in the Atlantic beeze. I’m sooo jealous…

  2. […] I’ve only been back from Italy for three days but it seems the world has tilted once again because of the horrific attack in Boston on Monday. I have been consumed by the news but have tried to carry on with daily life, like everyone else. Massachusetts is one of my three favorite states in our land. I know that the latest events will not change the state that I love. I look forward to my Summer sipping there this year which will invariably include, as always, at least one bottle from Truro Vineyards. […]

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