Wine of the Week: Gloria Ferrer & Korbel Blanc de Noirs

I've been in California all week for the Society of Wine Educators Society of Wine Educators conference in San Mateo. It was a very informative conference with a lot of great wines, interesting seminars and friends. It also was held in a hotel with a hot tub, always a plus. I discovered the perfect wine... Continue Reading →

New World Wines: California Keeps Surprising

I am at the Society of Wine Educators conference in San Mateo, California this week along with many old and new friends. It is an impressive array of wine people from all over the country, with special knowledge about almost every grape on earth. I am quite pleased with the seminars I have attended be... Continue Reading →

Italian Indigenous Varieties: Canaiolo Bianco

This week's indigenous varieties is Canaiolo Bianco. It is less well-known than its' relative Canaiolo Nero but it can be an important variety in the wines of Orvieto DOC. Wines from Orvieto have been famous for centuries, almost as famous as the beautiful cathedral. In earlier times, the wines from Orvieto were mainly sweet but... Continue Reading →

Wine Sites On My Radar – Getting Geared Up

While I haven't been sleeping on the job like my lovely cat Pudding,I have been slower than some in updating and populating my sites with snazzy stuff but sometimes work and business development just takes up most of your time, especially when you are busy with new clients, communicating about other people's sites, products and... Continue Reading →

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