Wine Sites On My Radar – Getting Geared Up

While I haven’t been sleeping on the job like my lovely cat Pudding,I have been slower than some in updating and populating my sites with snazzy stuff but sometimes work and business development just takes up most of your time, especially when you are busy with new clients, communicating about other people’s sites, products and services.

That said, thanks to the help of my social media guru and long time friend from SAIS, Kathleen Blake otherwise known as the Experimental Gourmand, I am trying to address these lacks.

With newfound energy (from where I do not know, maybe my recent two week trip to Italy), I am back to really reading websites and listening to podcasts. In fact, this podcast from everyone’s favorite it seems, Levi Dalton, and his links page provided a few hours of pleasurable Sunday reading before the trouncing of Italy by the Spanish soccer team….A respite before the storm.

Today’s site was one of my links, from the Associazione Italiana Sommeliers. I joined AIS Lombardia in 2004 when I completed my classes. I was thrilled and proud to wear my “divisa” or uniform.

I worked at the first Milan wine fair called MI-Wine. I was thrilled and I remember meeting a host of incredible professionals among them people I have come across in the last years in various incarnations. I had a truly memorable experience working the show and serving a vertical of Disnoko Tokaj (5 and 6 Puttonyos).

If memory serves we had an ’83, ’85, ’89, ’93, ’99, and a 2000 vintage. It was exquisite both in terms of those honeyed and elegant Aszu wines from Hungary which I love as well as the level of professionality of the sommeliers. I crave a 5 puttonyos wine right now but it’s a little early to drink and of course, who has that in their home.

Although I have continued to expand my wine knowledge through other prestigious institutions, no certificate holds the same weight in my heart as this first one from AIS, maybe it’s like your first love.

Enough with my nostalgia, check out the website and see if you find articles of interest. While much is in Italian, some of the videos are not too hard to understand I think. At the very least you will see some beautiful views of Italy.

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  1. Susannah – I’m thrilled to be working with you on your business initiatives as well! It’s always wonderful to read the latest from the world of wine via your site.

    Kathy (aka The Experimental Gourmand)

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