Wine of the Week: Gloria Ferrer & Korbel Blanc de Noirs


I’ve been in California all week for the Society of Wine Educators Society of Wine Educators conference in San Mateo. It was a very informative conference with a lot of great wines, interesting seminars and friends. It also was held in a hotel with a hot tub, always a plus. I discovered the perfect wine for the hot tub, Blanc de Noirs. I’ve actually had two inexpensive American Blanc de Noirs sparklers this week, one from Gloria Ferrer and one from Korbel.

Made with a majority of Pinot Noir grapes, hence the name Blanc de Noirs, these sparkers both retail for under $10 a bottle, a great price for a fresh summer wine to drink in a relaxed atmosphere such as a hot tub. I don’t have a hot tub at home or even a balcony but I do like to picnic and I could see very easily bringing these widely available ones to a park for summer fun. I know, I’m the old world girl who has fallen for California. I’ve drunk the coolaid but with views like this from my friend’s backyard, you can see why.



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