Wine Wednesday: New World Wines – Truro Chardonnay + Varla Jean Merman

Today was a difficult day which got me thinking about easier times and summer ease so this week’s new world wine is a Truro Chardonnay.

Truro Chardonnay

This is a fresh and light wine. I love Cape Cod and have been going there since I was born so for me, it is a touch of home if you will. I waxed on about this wine in this post if you are truly interested.

I actually wanted to write about Varla Jean Merman, a singer/actress, drag star that a friend producer and artistic manager Mark Cortale, has worked with for years. Varla Jean is hilarious and huge as you can see from this picture of her with me and my sister who is about 5’9.

Varla Jean

Varla Jean is so incredibly talented you must see a show the next time you are in Provincetown or if she comes to your town. Her run in New York ended in mid-November. I saw one of her shows this summer with my sister and was actually doubled over in two. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. On a dreary day such as today, thinking of Varla Jean and Truro do lift my spirits as will my wine with dinner.

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