Italian Regions: Lombardy – San Colombano DOC – St. Ambrogio

Yesterday was a holiday in Milano celebrating their patron Saint, Sant’Ambrogio. I write about this ever year and always remember that today is also the anniversary of Pearl Harbor or the “day that will live in infamy.”

La Scala opens its’ season as well but for that and for opera in general, Fred Plotkin is the reigning guru as well as a friend. Fred is an expert in many areas of Italy and an impressive polymath.

Here are some older posts on the topic. Once again, when mentioning Milan, I like to talk about it’s one DOC region, San Colombano al Lambro.


San Colombano al Lambro” or “San Colombano” Rosso must be made with croatina: 30-50%; barbera: 25-50%; and up to 15% of uva rara. Other red grapes grown in Lombardy can be used up to 15% of the total for the red version.

White San Colombano al Lambro is made with a minimum of 50% chardonnay; 10% minimum of pinot nero. Other white grapes, except for aromatic ones can be added to the blend for a total of 15%.

Once again, I couldn’t find the wines on wine-searcher and you might be hard pressed to find them outside of their local region but if you are in Milan and I hope to be very soon for work and pleasure, try one of these wines. Good valued and easy drinking wines. If I could get some in New York, I would raise a glass tonight to celebrate St. Ambrogio and the heroes and survivors of Pearl Harbor, one of whom was a relative of mine.

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