Campania Stories 2018: Campania Falanghina Civico 2 IGP 2017 from Tenuta Fontana

The Sannio is a region around the city of Benevento. As I mentioned yesterday, many people I know both in Italy and in the States are from this one city.  It has a long and glorious past, the ancient land of the Samnites,  it was named Beneventum by the Romans. Roman ruins permeate the city and the province. Below is a picture of the musem dedicated to these artifacts. There is also a Roman arch and an amphitheater in the town.

Today’s post is about Falanghina from these areas that has the Campania IGP denomination rather than the Falaghina del Sannio DOP that I wrote about yesterday.

We were treated to a one example of this wines as part of our tasting and for completeness I wanted to mention it in a different post

Falaghina also grows in other provinces in Campania such as the Campi Flegrei which I will write about separately.

Tenuta Fontana Campania Falanghina Civico 2 2017:

This wine was also lemon in color with white floral notes, citrus, apple and orange blossom. I found it slightly waxy with eucalyptus and white pepper. It had lively acidity, good length and was full bodied. It had a wonderful creamy texture to it. I gave it one of the highest scores in my tasting. Although the range between the wines was not that big.

This winery was founded in 2009 and has 7 hectares of vines. Their Falanghina grows at 300 meters above sea level on clay and sandy soils. The wine ferments and ages in stainless steel. It rests on its lees for one month. The oenologist is Francesco Bartoletti.

I did not detect a huge difference between the Falanghina del Sannio wines and this example of Falanghina. The soils were not the same and the area to make Campania IGP wines is the whole region but to have the name Falanghina on the label, it must make up at least 85% percent of the blend. In general I found the wines very pleasing and less sugary than many Falanghina wines that I have tried. Certainly a variety to watch, it seems those from the Sannio and Benevento areas are ones to seek out.

The Sannio is an incredibly rich province and in addition to Falanghina we tasted wines from Fiano and Greco as well as amazing Aglianico.I know they also make sparkling wines from Falanghina in the Sannio but I didn’t taste any this trip.

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