Wine Wednesday: Malibran Credamora Col Fondo 2015


It’s snow day has been a long one in many ways but a special one as well. To celebrate this wine Wednesday I am drinking Malibran Credamora Col Fondo 2015. A beautiful Prosecco made with the glera grape of course.

It’s delicious with yeasty, toasty aromas, nice small and fast bubbles. It is very dry and in fact there is no sugar that remained in this wine. This wine was made in the ancestral method. It is called Col Fondo because it still has some of deposits from the yeast. There were no pressurized tanks in ancient times and Prosecco was bottled with its yeast and put in the cellar.

This Conegliano Valdoobbiadene DOCG was sent to me by #winestudio in January. I hadn’t had the chance to taste it earlier. It’s fantastic and I look forward to buying some to share.

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