Wine Wednesday: San Colombano Al Lambro Frizzante from Azienda Agricola Panizzari

This week’s Wine Wednesday is dedicated to Panizzari’s San Colombano Al Lambro wines. San Colombano al Lambro is Milano’s only DOC wine region. There are 13 wineries that are part of the Consortium which was created in 1987 and they are located in the provinces of Milano and Lodi. The reds which are the ones that I have had are made using the following grape varieties: Croatina (30-50%), Barbera (25-50%), and Uva Rara (Max 15%). Croatina brings spice, color, and structure while Barbera offers color, freshness, and ageability. Uva Rara adds floral notes to the reds. The white or Bianco is most made from Chardonnay. These wines can be made in a still or frizzante style. To be called a riserva, the wine spends 24 months aging before release at least one year of which must be in oak.

The wine that I choose for this week and that I used in my Society of Wine Educators seminar this summer was from Azienda Agricola Panizzari. The winery was started at the end of 1800s with Angelo Panizzari. Today, the third generation is running the winery. Some 65% of their vineyards are dedicated to local varieties: Barbera, Croatina and Uva Rara, all part of San Colombano Doc Rosso. They also have Verdea, Pinot Nero, Cabernet, Malvasia di Candia, Riesling and Chardonnay. Their Agriturismo started in 1997 where they serve traditional Milanese dishes such as Cassoeula, Ossobuco, and polenta.

Their frizzante style wine is made with Croatina (30-50%), Barbera (25-50%) and Uva Rara (15%). It’s the youngest red wine from the last harvest. It is bottled between March and April and has undergone a natural fermentation which leaves a soft mousse in the wine. This is meant to be paired with Risotto, Salumi and drunk young.

If you are visiting Milan, try to visit this winery as well. A break from the city, shopping and museums, I think you will enjoy the experience and the wines.

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