Women In Wine: Azienda Noventa, Botticino DOC, Lombardy

This week's women in wine is Alessandra from Azienda Noventa in the Botticino DOC area. I met Alessandra in July at her winery. I had met her husband at Vinitaly in April and arranged to visit them. I gave a seminar on the Wines of Lombardy at the Society of Wine Educators conference in Portland... Continue Reading →

Wine Wednesday: Trento DOC

 Today's post is about Trento Doc. Trento Doc is holding an event in New York in about two hours and I am helping them with the event, so not an unbiased view but I have been a fan for many years not just the three weeks I have been involved in the project. Trentino... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

With wine tasting season here and harvest underway around the world, there is so much to write about. First though, it is time to take stock, look at the year gone by and note with pleasure all that has taken place in the past year. I am not a religious person but I do like... Continue Reading →

Women In Wine: Elisabetta Fagiuoli from Montenidoli

Thinking about Tuscany during harvest and I thought I would repost this blog about an amazing woman from Tuscany.



Elisabetta Fagiuoli from the winery Montenidoli is what Italians call “una forza della natura (a force of nature).” She is a strong, vibrant and amazing woman who I got to see at both Slow Wine and Tre Bicchieri in February. The Vernaccia di San Gimingnano that they make and that is in the photo above is delicious, vibrant and nervy filled with minerality, a note of sapidity and of course, a bitter almond finish characteristic of the variety. This wine spends time on its lees and those aromas and flavors are evident in the glass. Montenidoli however is more than a winery but also a foundation and a place of respite. The foundation, named after Elisabetta’s late partner Sergio, the Patriach as he was known, is dedicated to helping others. According to the website, they offer the following,”We want to host, free of charge, elderly people in need of rest…

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We Remember 9/11

While September starts on September 1 and my baby’s birthday is in early September, the year always starts slow and until after the 11th, never feels quite right. I was in Italy on this day 16 years ago but the impact that it had on me as a New Yorker, really as a person, remains.... Continue Reading →

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