Wine Wednesday: Trabocchetto from Talamonti from Abruzzo


This week’s Wine Wednesday is dedicated to Abruzzo. A region that has seen its fair share of trouble this month with record snow falls, earthquakes, and an avalanche that claimed the lives of guests at a hotel and yesterday, a helicopter crash during a mountain rescue. It has been on my mind all month and I think of all those who live there. Certainly hardy folk as is evidenced by their long history and often rugged terrain. Luckily this spirit will help move beyond this terrible month and into a better moment in time. I have visited the region but not recently and have never been to their incredible parks, the Gran Sasso and the Maiella. They are also bordered by the Appenines and the Sibylline massif.


The winery I am writing about today is co-owned by someone I met years ago through a work contact, his father in fact. I have been following the amazing development of the winery these last years and have been impressed with these friendly, reliable wines that present good values as well. Talamonti makes both indigenous and international grapes. I was quite fond of Trabocchetto made from Pecorino. They are located in Loreto Aprutino, an area that has very old soils that are the remains of glaciers and volcanic ash. They are near the “Ghiacciaio del Calderone”, known to be “the southernmost glacier in Europe and the only one in the central Mediterranean area,” according to their website.


The winery was founded in 2001 by the Di Tonno family. They have 32 hectares in production with Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, Pecorino and other varietals. They are at 300 meters above sea level in the Tavo Valley region. The wines were all very well made and clean wines. Approachable, food friendly and inviting, I think Talamonti has a long and happy road ahead. I look forward to tasting the new vintages either at Vino or Vinitaly. They are very well distributed and nicely priced. Click here for a link to see if they are near you.

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