Happy New Year!

With wine tasting season here and harvest underway around the world, there is so much to write about. First though, it is time to take stock, look at the year gone by and note with pleasure all that has taken place in the past year.

I am not a religious person but I do like to celebrate holidays of all kinds as a way of making markers throughout the year and remembering how sweet life can be. Tonight I’m celebrating the New Year with my family. I’ll be having the usual fare but at least this year I will be drinking something I like, Chianti from Terra di Seta, the only all kosher winery in Italy. I wrote a long post about the winery earlier which you can read here.

It is one of the only kosher wineries in Italy run by a lovely couple whom I met a few years ago at a tasting in New York and have since met with a few times at Vinitaly. Their Chianti seemed an appropriate choice for this New Year, this year we are on year 5778. I wish everyone a sweet and happy New Year.

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