Wine Wednesday: Trento DOC

Today’s post is about Trento Doc. Trento Doc is holding an event in New York in about two hours and I am helping them with the event, so not an unbiased view but I have been a fan for many years not just the three weeks I have been involved in the project.

Trentino is an amazing part of Italy and one I have visited in different capacities throughout the years. My first wine festival was Merano, my first ski trip in Italy was to Brunico and my first hike on a glacier was also in the Dolomites. This incredibly beautiful part of the country is surrounded by the Dolomites, which works for the wines of Trentodoc that are mainly trained using the Trentino pergola system. The vines grow at 200 to 800 meters with significant diurnal temperature changes.

“Trento” D.O.C. status was obtained in 1993 for the first Metodo Classico sparkling wine in Italy. There are 47 sparkling wine producers in the Trentodoc group and their tag line is sparkling wine from the mountains. Chardonnay is the principal grape variety here although Pinot Nero, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Meunier are also grown.

Aging requirements for the different categories of wines differ from a minimum of 15 months for a Brut to a minimum of 36 months for a Riserva, and up to 10 years for more refined and mature Trentodoc wines. You can also find white or rosé wines in Brut, Millesimato and Riserva versions. I know I will see many familiar faces this evening and hope to meet some new friends over a great class of Trento Doc.

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