Italian Sweet Wines: Stay Tuned for Twitter Chat on Saturday, June 3rd @ 11am EST #ItalianFWT

Italian sweet wines and more are the topic of this month’s twitter chat. Join my fellow bloggers below and if you catch us in time, chat with us live on Twitter this Saturday June 3rd at 11am EST #ItalianFWT.

Italian sweet wines don’t get their fair share of attention in my view and it’s a real shame. Up and down the peninsula you can find great sweet wines made from indigenous varieties. Often they are made after drying grapes either on the vine or in small boxes. Each region has their traditions and we will see the wealth of what Italy has to offer this weekend during our twitter chat.

Tomorrow I will be posting my own addition on red sweet wines. Many people think of sweet wines being made from white grapes, except for Port. I was one of those people until I had the opportunity to try a host of sweet wines made with red grapes.

We hope you will either join or follow our twitter chat on Saturday. All of the posts will be up by Saturday morning and maybe a few other travelers will join as we travel around Italy for the monthly #ItalianFWT live twitter chat @11am EST.

Jen from Vino Travels features Passito from Pantelleria

Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla features “From Start to Finish with Brachetto d’Acqui”

Susannah of Avvinare features Sweet Wines from Italy Made With Red Grapes.

Gwendolyn of Art Predator features Passito Dessert Wine by Anselmi: No Other Dessert Needed!

Jeff of Foodwineclick features “The Sordid Tale of Marsala Wine”


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