Wine Wednesday: Nederburg Chenin Blanc from South Africa


My Wine Wednesday is dedicated to Nederburg Chenin Blanc from South Africa which I was lucky enough to taste last week with a friend. I say lucky enough because she brought it to my house. I rarely drink South African wine, not because of any preconceived ideas just they rarely are on my radar, except if I’m at a big tasting or working with someone from there. I have been to many tastings and written widely on some wineries from South Africa but never about Nederburg.


This wine was a perfect complement to my Peruvian Friday night chicken dinner which my two year old adores. And while I adore him, a glass o wine always makes the evening brighter for all. I found this wine to be lively, with white pear and orange notes with a creamy texture on the palate thanks to time on the lees. A small percentage of the wine is oaked, 10%. This is the perfect party wine, at under $15 a bottle.

Nederburg was started in 1791 by Philippus Wolvaart who bought a farm with his wife Margaretha. He is considered to be a pioneer in South African wine.


  1. Very nice post about a wine from a region that doesn’t get enough recognition. You may want to take a look at my latest post. It’s an interview I did with Duncan Savage of Savage Wines, Salt River Cape Town S.A. He was the winemaker at Cape Point Vineyards until he left to start his own label just this year. He’s the “Real Deal”, very honest, friendly and easy to communicate with. If you would like to send him an email use my name Rich or wpawinepirate as your introduction. I think you will be happy you did and anyway who can’t use another friend.

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