Spanish Sundays: Calcari from Parés Baltà

Today's wine hails from Spain, specifically from the Penedes region from Parés Baltà. I tried it at a Wine Media Guild lunch I was lucky to be invited to at the beginning of the month. The theme was all about Spanish white wines. It was an exciting line-up in general and this one stuck out... Continue Reading →


New Series: Climate Change and Effects on Wine Regions

I think it's appropriate to start a new blog series today, April 29, the day of the climate march in DC and sister cities. Unfortunately I can't get to the march today with my son but I am thinking of climate change and the havoc it will and has caused on our lives, our cities,... Continue Reading →

Liguria On My Mind

I have had the good fortune to spend many a day and numerous weekends in Liguria throughout the years that I lived in Italy and since I have moved home to the States. A few years ago thanks to Filippo Rondelli from Terre Bianche who just got a great write up in the Wall Street... Continue Reading →

Crodino & Chips – A Tried and True Combination

I felt like reblogging this because I enjoyed many a crodino at a recent trip to Italy and I wish we had that habit here. I also enjoyed a daily spritz, a tradition that has made it stateside but it’s somehow just not the same. I guess there’s nothing like being there…


I am enjoying the first day of summer in Italy, it came a bit later than expected. I also had my first Crodino of the year this weekend. Crodino is a trademark brand owned by the Campari Group since the mid-1990s but it is often used as a generic term for an “analcolico” or drinks without alcohol. This slightly bitter orange-yellow drink is pehaps the most widely ordered analcolico in the world. Italians have it at ever time of the day, generally with chips. I had mine last weekend after a trip to the estetista (beauty parlor) with my friend as part of the preparations for her wedding in Zagarolo on Saturday.

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Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017

The internationally recognized date for Holocaust Remembrance Day corresponds to the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. In Hebrew, Holocaust Remembrance Day is called Yom Hashoah. Today is that day. I usually think of the date being January 27 which is the liberation of the concentration camp at Auschwitz. Some 80 members of my family... Continue Reading →

Vive La France

Today's post is about politics and not wine. Sadly politics has been on my mind much more often than wine these days. I am hopeful however that the far right party did not win the French elections outright. As I have often written on my blog, I was a Francophile long before I became an... Continue Reading →

Mindful of Earth Day, Paris, Refugee Crisis

Interesting I wrote this a year ago ahead of Earth day which is tomorrow. Last year the terrorist attack was in Brussels, this year in Paris. What’s amazing is how much worse things have gotten for Science and climate change under our new political regime. I wish I could say I am less fearful for the planet today but sadly it’s the opposite. Yes, a grey day.



Today I don’t feel like writing about wine but I do feel like drinking it. Copious amounts in fact. I can’t stand the news, more terrorist attacks, more refugees in search of a home, melting glaciers. I decided to post this picture that I took some years ago in Chile where I went hiking at the Torres del Paine park in Patagonia.


I cried when I saw my first glacier, I was so moved by it’s beauty. To think that they are melting and that one day much of what we see now and many animals might no longer walk the earth is staggering.


I can’t watch the news about Brussels and another horrific and senseless act meant to terrorize us. It’s also hard to read the paper and see more photos of mothers and their children desperately fleeing war zones and landing on shores where they are not particularly…

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