Pomp & Circumstance – Sometimes It’s Appealing

Just reposting this because it is the only post I have written that includes English wine. Like everyone else, today I am thinking about London, the Uk and the statement keep calm and carry on. Westminister is in my heart since I was a small child as my Dad is a huge Churchill fan. I am saddened and alarm but their resilience is legendary and I have no doubt yesterday’s attack will be met with the same resolve Britain has always shown.


I confess I was up early and spent two hours watching the Royal Nuptials. I loved it. It brought me back 30 years to that night in camp when we all got up at 4:00 AM to watch Prince Charles marry Lady Diana. Of course I’m no longer that blushing tween but I do still have some of that. Also, after going to a funeral service yesterday for a dear friend’s father, it was nice to watch something light and fairytale like early today, especially when so much of the news is so dire.

I, like everyone else who pens a wine blog, is likely thinking of British sparklers to celebrate the occasion. I’ve only had ones from Nyetimber, which were delicious but quite pricey. I did find an entire website dedicated to English wine producers. Years ago this would have been unthinkable. While the growth of their…

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Wines from the Valtellina: Nino Negri Sfursat 5 Stelle 2011

Thinking of my friend in Valtellina today as he celebrates his birthday. It’s so cold here in NY that I continue to think I should be skiing at least and drinking great mountain wines from places like Valtellina. I just tried a Sfursat from Mamete Prevostini at Tre Bicchieri and it was fantastic! Infact the acidity, in my view, due to the elevation of the vineyards, enables these concentrated wines to be imbibed with slightly lighter food than what an Amarone requires. Worth learning to pronounce, try wines from the Valtellina, Sfursat and others, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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Last week’s Italian extravaganza of wines included some wines from the Valtellina in Lombardy, particularly this one from Nino Negri. I got about 10 text messages from a friend who lives in the Valtellina last week asking me if I had seen that Eric Asimov had finally taken note of Valtellina. Yes I had read the article. Funny that even in Sondrio, what the New York Times writes about, is what they have their minds on. That said, I actually had first visited the Valtellina with the person who texted me over 15 years ago. His family has a house there and we went to visit and tasted wines along the way. I loved the wines from Sandro Fay I remember and a few others. One of the famous names forever from that region though is Nino Negri. Last week I just had the pleasure of tasting his Sfursat…

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