Wine Wednesday: 10 Tips for Visiting Vinitaly

Italian Flag

Vinitaly is the Italian wine fair that everyone either loves or hates but goes to nonetheless save other issues such as time of year, coincidence with other holidays and the like. I am on my 17th Vinitaly and I can say I love to go. It’s crazy, chaotic and crowded but I love the buzz and the ability to see old friends, clients, taste new wines and see the lovely city of Verona, albeit only at night.

Arena di Verona

My tips for those who are going for the first time:

1) Wear comfortable shoes
2) Bring a water bottle with you
3) Don’t assume you will get wifi everywhere or anywhere so get organized accordingly with meeting people, etc
4) Getting to/from town is a nightmare so, get ready for a nice walk at the end of the show
5) See if you can attend any of the seminars offered.
6) Decide if you are a day or night Vinitaly person. It’s hard to enjoy both, long day of tasting and meetings and then dinners out everynight.
7) Taste wines at the stands where there are local sommeliers wearing the AIS uniform.
8) Build in extra time in your schedule because it may get really crowded and be hard to find your way.
9) Bring a piece of fruit from the hotel so you won’t only eat breadsticks, focaccia, salami and cheese for four days
10) Have a great time and bring an umbrella. It always rains when I forget mine so you never know, maybe bringing one will keep the rain away.

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