Vive La France


Today’s post is about politics and not wine. Sadly politics has been on my mind much more often than wine these days. I am hopeful however that the far right party did not win the French elections outright. As I have often written on my blog, I was a Francophile long before I became an Italophile. My father always loved and promoted everything about France. How great the country was, the food, the wine, their democracy, the healthcare system, workers rights, etc. Naturally, I became obsessed with France as a young girl, lived in Dijon in college and majored in French language and literature at university. Then of course I went on a vacation to Italy and fell in love in what has proved to be my most enduring love affair. All of that said, I am very keyed into what is going on in France and relieved that the far right did not win although I am not looking forward to the nasty campaign we will see.


I think I may actually finally get down to studying for my French wine degrees as a way to participate in all things French in the next few months. My most recent post about a French wine was this one <a href=””&gt;.</a> I should be posting much more often about French wines.


French wine was this one . I should be posting much more often about French wines.

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