Crodino & Chips – A Tried and True Combination

I felt like reblogging this because I enjoyed many a crodino at a recent trip to Italy and I wish we had that habit here. I also enjoyed a daily spritz, a tradition that has made it stateside but it’s somehow just not the same. I guess there’s nothing like being there…


I am enjoying the first day of summer in Italy, it came a bit later than expected. I also had my first Crodino of the year this weekend. Crodino is a trademark brand owned by the Campari Group since the mid-1990s but it is often used as a generic term for an “analcolico” or drinks without alcohol. This slightly bitter orange-yellow drink is pehaps the most widely ordered analcolico in the world. Italians have it at ever time of the day, generally with chips. I had mine last weekend after a trip to the estetista (beauty parlor) with my friend as part of the preparations for her wedding in Zagarolo on Saturday.

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