Italian Indigenous Varieties: Bussanello Bianco

Now there’s a grape I had never heard of, right? This one hails from the Veneto and was created in the 1930s by an enologist named Professor Giovanni Dalmasso from a cross between Riesling Italico and Furmint.

I’m shocked to say that there are some producers who make wines from this grape including the very well known Gancia family.

The wine they produce at Tenute dei Vallarino called La Cio’ Bussanello, Monferrato Bianco is the only one I could find that was made with this interesting grape variety.

I also found a biodynamic winery that is makes a wine using this grape blended with Cortese and Malvasia. Poggio Ridente. Interesting indeed. I am going to search these wines out the next time I am in Italy.

I couldn’t find either of these wines on and I’m not surprised. Small indigenous varieties sell a bit but in my experience, white blends from Italy have a much tougher time here. I would be interested to know if anyone has a lot of success with their white Italian blends.


  1. Hey Susannah! It’s funny that I ended up here at your blog when I looked up this grape, because I hadn’t heard of it before either! Haha, I was going to mention the Crotin producer from Monferrato, but another reader beat me to it. Anyway, this wine is coming into the store where I work tomorrow! I personally, always need to become quite familiar with these rare native grapes, not just for my own interest/knowledge, but I will need to sell it! 🙂

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