2nd Annual National Champagne Day & A Great Tasting At Terroir TriBeCa

Today is National Champagne Day I was told by a retailer's email in my inbox. For me, every day could be national champagne day. I love sparkling wine, adore Champagne and have a passion for bubbly that transcends all else. That said, I have my favorites and am always on the look out for new... Continue Reading →

Morellino Mon Amor – A Week Together

I have to tread a fine line as I work as a blogger, a journalist but also as a publicist and when writing about wines, I need to declare that some are my clients. So, here's the skinny: I just did a whirlwind week in the United States with 11 producers from Morellino di Scansano.... Continue Reading →

Viognier & Crab in Maryland

As I sit in my office and work feverishly to bring to fruition seven wine events in the next two weeks, I'm of course, fantasizing about vacation. Last year, I took a beautiful trip to Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia where I encountered these utensils that I hadn't seen since I was 15 and visiting... Continue Reading →

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