Nobel Prize Winner Salute To Bruce Beutler & Jules Hoffman

As many people know, Italy is my main squeeze. Sometimes, I betray her with interest in other countries but rarely does anything move me the way Italy does. Well today was one of those moments but this too has to do with Italy and a client of mine, albeit not in the wine business. Yes, I have clients that are not in the wine and food business.

In fact, I have a whole other business and a different website and perhaps another persona. For many years, I worked as a financial reporter and later in financial and corporate communications. I still have clients in those other fields and one client in particular that today made my heart truly sing, the International Balzan Foundation.

The foundation has been my client for five years and through the years I get to meet amazing,intellectual and erudite people who are at the top of their fields in the sciences and the humanities. In 2007, two scientists won the Balzan Prize for Innate Immunity, Bruce Beutler and Jules Hoffman. I met them both in Berne, Switzerland and was thrilled to spend time in their presence. Today, these two men won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.

I interviewed Professor Beutler in 2009 for the Balzan website. Here is the interview. He was an incredibly generous and gentle man. I feel truly honored.

Tonight I will raise a glass to Professor Beutler and Professor Hoffman as well as to Professor Steinman, who very sadly didn’t make it to see this great day but whose memory and work will shine for us all. Salute!

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