Dolcetto di Dogliani: A Old Favorite

My first wine from Piedmont was a Dolcetto di Dogliani from the Podere Luigi Einaudi winery. I remember the wine because it was delicious but also because it came from the winery owned by the family that gave Italy it's first prime minister, Luigi Einaudi. Einaudi led Italy from 1948-1955, a difficult time for the... Continue Reading →

Wine Wednesday: Older Bordeaux Wines

Today is Wine Wednesday and I'm finally thinking about and desire to write about wine rather than the Italian crises. I got an email from Snooth this morning which mentioned a new website for Bordeaux. A friend from Bordeaux was in town recently and as always I was reminded how charming the French and their... Continue Reading →

Italy in Oklahoma, Go Sooners!!!

I just came back from three days in Oklahoma where I was participating in "Italy Week 2011." Italy week consisted of a number of wonderful events including a gala dinner where I did a Tuscan wine tasting paired with Italian cheeses. The cheese monger, Bailey Schreier of Forward Foods, made me want to move to... Continue Reading →

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