Berlusconi Resigns – Time For A New Era

Silvio Berlusconi resigned this evening from his post as Prime Minister of Italy. I am actually shocked that it really came to pass. Even though it has been in the works all week, I was a bit of a sceptic, it’s actually happened. I feel joy for Italy, for the start of a new era and for the future.

I just got a message from my former boss and friend in Milan in which he wrote “siamo liberi.” We are free. I think that sums it up nicely.

I will be drinking Italian spumante this evening, toasting the start of a new era. I think it will be Ferrari, the first Italian spumante that I had ever had, lo those many years ago and still one of my favorites. This one began when I was in graduate school studying economics and political science. My big interest was Italian politics but the day that Berlusconi won in March 1994, I remember feeling that curiosity die a little. It’s back and I’m excited.

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  1. you and I both “came of age” in the Berlusconi era… incredible to think it’s now over… a moment we’ll both remember, I’m sure, many years from now… hoping the best of Italy…

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