Italy, Va’ Pensiero & Looking Forward

I’m somewhat without words today thinking that this could be the end of an era. It seems almost possible that Berlusconi might be forced out of power.

I say that really cautiously because he has always seemed to be able to make a deal at the last minute to hold onto his seat. It would truly be a surprise and in my opinion a good start of something new in Italy.

It has been so distressing to watch the news over the last years and see what is happening in the country. The current debt crisis is the latest in a long series of problems over the last 18 years but it affects not just Italy but the entire Eurozone. I’m feeling edgy as we read and watch what is happening there. Il mio pensiero va a l’Italia.

I’m going to listen to the Nabucco now and think about that country that I so love. Va’ Pensiero is the unofficial anthem of Italy. This “Chorus of the Hebrew slaves” is indeed appropriate at this moment when Italy needs to once again be united to move forward.”O mia patria, si bella e perduta/O my country, so lovely and so lost” was once thought to have helped gather patriots in the fight for the unity of Italy.

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