2nd Annual National Champagne Day & A Great Tasting At Terroir TriBeCa

Today is National Champagne Day I was told by a retailer’s email in my inbox. For me, every day could be national champagne day. I love sparkling wine, adore Champagne and have a passion for bubbly that transcends all else. That said, I have my favorites and am always on the look out for new friends to add to the champagne I know and love category.

At a recent tasting at Terroir in TriBeCa, I tried a number of them from Dufour. Zev Rovine Selections brought a whole host of wines and this line of Champagne. My favorite of the three was the Dufour Champagne Blanc de Blancs 1990 Ligne 45 Brut Nature. It’s nutty flavors and minerality won me over and I tried to sneak a few extra sips, perhaps more than my share at a tasting.

I couldn’t find much information about this wine at stores near you but Enoteca Ronchi in Milan seems infatuated, as was I. Funny coincidence.

This tasting had so much to recommend it. I tried splendid wines from a variety of portfolios, Zev Rovine’s, and Langdon Shiverick’s were the protagonists with strong support from Williams Corner Wine, Brazos Wine Imports, and Nicolas Palazzi.

It was without a doubt one of the best tastings I have been to with a huge variety of wines, mostly skewed towards France. I will write more about individual wines but today I’m just thinking about Champagne.

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