Monday Musings: Tasting Events

Today's post is about tasting events. Everyday of the week in New York City, you can go to an amazing event. The problem however is when do you get your other work done if you are out at an event. My new strategy is to choose wisely and well and try to attend a few... Continue Reading →


2nd Annual National Champagne Day & A Great Tasting At Terroir TriBeCa

Today is National Champagne Day I was told by a retailer's email in my inbox. For me, every day could be national champagne day. I love sparkling wine, adore Champagne and have a passion for bubbly that transcends all else. That said, I have my favorites and am always on the look out for new... Continue Reading →

So much wine, so little time

Do you ever feel like that? So many tastings to go to, so many wines to try, so many varieties to learn. Sometimes the world of wine seems completely impossible to get your mind around. At least it does to me. Take today's opportunities - a wine tasting in the afternoon of wines from the... Continue Reading →

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