Monday Musings: Tasting Events

Today’s post is about tasting events. Everyday of the week in New York City, you can go to an amazing event. The problem however is when do you get your other work done if you are out at an event. My new strategy is to choose wisely and well and try to attend a few but not too many.

I know a lot of people who have begun to attend very few tastings. When I ask them why they say they are too crowded or they prefer only one on ones or only seminars or only the winemakers and no brand ambassadors. Everyone’s go their reasons and their angle in the wine world and I get it. Time is short. In fact, today I would love to go to a tasting by a big importer and see producer friends but I can’t make it. Too much to do since last week I was teaching all week and this week is a follow up week for me.

That said, when I do go to tastings now, I always have a strategy. Usually the strategy varies, depending on the event, and what I am looking for. Maybe I want to only try whites, or sparklers, or rosé. Maybe I only want to attend a seminar or a panel discussion or maybe I just want to talk to two producers or five. In any event, the key for me is to know why I am there. Gone are the days of just showing up. Maybe that’s having less time or maybe just knowing more specifically what I want to do with my time. Sure causal encounters with a wine or wine region can be an amazing thrill  and learning experience. Like meeting a new friend or tucking into a book you open randomly in bookstore. Yet even in wine tastings, I find mindfulness of purpose has it’s place.

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