So much wine, so little time

Do you ever feel like that? So many tastings to go to, so many wines to try, so many varieties to learn. Sometimes the world of wine seems completely impossible to get your mind around. At least it does to me. Take today’s opportunities – a wine tasting in the afternoon of wines from the Jura. Wines that are sexy and not so easy to find although there are an ever growing number Cremant du Jura on wine lists. A lovely wine bar called Solex used to carry a fair number but they shut their doors a few years ago.

Later in the day, I will be at Maslow 6 trying Tunisian wines from Le Poisson Wines made by Jean Boujnah. I’ve never had a Tunisian wine nor have I visited Tunisia. I always think of Craxi when I think of Tunisia but that’s another part of my life. I’m very excited and will write about the wines after I taste them.

We are lucky to live in a place where we have access to so many interesting wines across many price points.


  1. Tunisian wine?! Made out of date palms? Boy, I thought I dealt with some obscure wine producing countries. You go girl!

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