Vinitaly Tastings: Vigne Rare From Pirro Varone in Apulia

During my stay at Vinitaly, I had the occasion to try numerous wines. Like old and new friends, each time you seem them things are slightly different. This trip to the fair I found myself in the Apulia building tasting at specific stands. Last year I was tasting through a specific grape variety, Aleatico, but... Continue Reading →

Vinitaly Tastings: Sangiovese From Emilia Romagna

One of my biggest discoveries this Vinitaly was just how good wines can be from Emilia Romagna. I had generally overlooked Emilia as a wine region, my mistake, and aside from great Lambrusco, had tended not given its wines their due. That said, I love Emilia Romagna and spent a great year of my life... Continue Reading →

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