Sommelier Series: Ryan Mills-Knapp From Tribeca Grill At Maslow ^

I had the pleasure of attending a seminar on Thursday at Maslow 6 in Tribeca. The wine shop where I have worked a bit over the past year is one of my favorites in the City and not because it is owned by a friend but because it is warm and inviting, has a friendly... Continue Reading →

Ithaca – My Favorite Poem & A Lovely Greek Wine

As the year draws to a close, I try to create a balance sheet of how I have fared, personally, professionally, wineally during the previous year. As always, the year was full of surprises. One lovely surprise was finding a copy of one of my favorite poems in a pile on my desk. This poem... Continue Reading →

Buon Ferragosto!!!

Tomorrow is a big holiday in Italy, Ferragosto, or the Assumption. This is a celebration of the Virgin Mary. All over Italy it is a day in which people relax, get out of town (una gita fuori porta), and have a big meal. Last year I arrived in Milan on Ferragosto on my way to... Continue Reading →

So much wine, so little time

Do you ever feel like that? So many tastings to go to, so many wines to try, so many varieties to learn. Sometimes the world of wine seems completely impossible to get your mind around. At least it does to me. Take today's opportunities - a wine tasting in the afternoon of wines from the... Continue Reading →

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