Buon Ferragosto!!!

Tomorrow is a big holiday in Italy, Ferragosto, or the Assumption. This is a celebration of the Virgin Mary. All over Italy it is a day in which people relax, get out of town (una gita fuori porta), and have a big meal. Last year I arrived in Milan on Ferragosto on my way to visit friends in Liguria. There was no one around. The city is always completely deserted on this day. This year I’m in New York, working at the Maslow 6 wine shop in Tribeca. Surprisingly, many people have come into the shop tonight and the wine bar next door is chock full of people. On a Saturday night in August I would have expected the city to be empty. I’m going on a little trip tomorrow to a non-wine producing country in Central America. I’m excited and need a rest. Even if I no longer live in Italy, Ferragosto for me is a holiday and a day to relax. Perhaps I will blog from my trip but perhaps not. Happy August. Today almost has a slight chill in the air, wow, the school year is about to start :). I always think of the calendar as the school year with Summer being a discreet period of time. Enjoy these next weeks. I know I will.


  1. Ciao Susannah –
    you must still be away in a “non-wine producing country.” I’ve missed your entries and decided you found something of interest (perhaps even some fascinating wines) to keep you away.
    Que tenga un buen viaje.
    Feliz el Dia de los Trabajadores (or whatever Labor Day might be in Spain).

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